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    [TUT] Holograph Emulator C# & HoloCMS 2.1.1 ~ With Pictures! ~ Using XAMPP (NOT BY ME)


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    [TUT] Holograph Emulator C# & HoloCMS 2.1.1 ~ With Pictures! ~ Using XAMPP (NOT BY ME)

    Post by Maxx on Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:47 am

    [TUT] Holograph Emulator C# & HoloCMS 2.1.1 ~ With Pictures! ~ Using XAMPP


    Welcome to Andrews Tutorial on?

    Holo Emulator & HoloCMS
    1) Download XAMPP here, and select the Installer, which at time of writing, is 34MB.
    2) Download and Install TortiseSVN here, and select the .msi version of your bit.
    3) Download the C# Downloader, which will install Visual C#2008 for you, here
    4) Download and install the .Net Framework 3.5, (if you have not got it already), here.
    5) Download and install the ADO.NET patch, so that you can run the server, here.
    6) Download and install the MySQL ODBC Connecter here.
    7) Download the new HoloCMS 2.0 from here
    Cool Create a folder on your desktop. Call thi s HoloEMU.

    1) Right click on the HoloEmu folder, and select SVN Checkout...

    ...and then type in this:

    2) Extract your HoloCMS 2.0 Download.
    3) Now, open up the XAMPP installer and install it to C:\xampp . Make sure you don?t install any services?
    4) Now, once that is complete, open the XAMPP Control Panel Application.
    5) Make sure that there are no Svc boxes ticked, and then start Apache and MySQL.

    6) Open your browser and navigate to: http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php
    7) In that window you should see at the top 3 boxes. Enter in these details:

    Current Password: <there is no current password, so leave this blank>
    New password: Enter something that you can easily remember
    Repeat the new password: Enter that password again.
    Cool Make sure that phpMyAdmin authentication is set to ?Cookie?
    9) And make sure that you have not got a tick in the ?Safe plain password in text file? box. That is a huge security risk.
    10)Now, hit Password Changing and your done (for now ;] )
    11)Open C:\xampp\htdocs and delete all the files in there. You don?t need them anymore.
    12)Copy the contents of the HoloCMS archive to C:/xampp/htdocs . This copies HoloCMS into your web server.
    13)Now, navigate your browser to http://localhost/phpmyadmin
    14)Enter in the details as follows:

    Username: root
    Password: <The same password you have used in Step 18 and Step 11)
    15)Hit Go!
    16)Under ?Create new database? you will see a blank space and the word Collation.
    17)Enter in holodb there and hit Create.

    18)Now, At the top you will see Import. Click this.
    19)Where it says File to Import, click browse and browse to ?/Desktop/HoloEmu/Resources/db/holodb.sql
    20)Once you have selected that file, hit GO at the bottom right. It will take awhile to Import, so grab a drink and come back.
    21)Now, open up your browser again, and navigate to: http://localhost/install.php
    22)Enter in all your details as follows:
    Database Host: localhost
    Username: root
    Password: <Enter the password that you put in on in Step 11>
    Database Name: holodb
    Full site path: http://<your no-ip address, or your IP>/
    23)Click Submit and then follow the prompts. Once completed, delete install.php AND upgrade.php from your C:\xampp\htdocs directory. That?s HoloCMS done. (for now?)
    24)Open up the C# downloader and install it.
    25)While that is installing open up .../Desktop/HoloEmu/bin/Debug/bin/mysql.ini
    26)Enter in the following information:

    password=<the password you have been using all along>
    Save and close.
    27)Now once C# is installed, Navigate to ?/Desktop/HoloEmu/Holograph Emulator.csproj and open that in C#. Click the little Green Arrow (or press F5) and that should start up a black box with green writing, and it should boot the server. It could take some time, so keep it in the background on carry on?
    << Just ignore that it says Visual Basic...
    28)Now, open up your Internet Browser and navigate to cPanel?
    29)You should see a Home Page that looks almost the same as Habbo!
    30) By now your server in Visual C# should have booted up, and you should be set to edit HouseKeeping!
    Login (into your admin account) and select HOUSEKEEPING (the green button on the far right of the toolbar.)
    Re-authenticate yourself, and then open "Site & Content", from the Navigation Pane.
    Edit these details to suit your Hotel.
    My hotel is called Nipper Hotel, so just replace that with your hotel name.

    Site Name:Nipper Hotel
    Short Name: Nipper
    Enable SSO: ON (If you are experiencing Problems (you shouldn't and I dont reccommend you do this but turn it off if you are having issues)
    Language: en (This is for english, but change it to whatever you like...)

    Now go to ?Loader Configuration?
    External IP Address: <your No-Ip address> (eg. nipperhotel.no-ip.org) (Dont put http:// here.)
    Port: 21 (you cant change this through housekeeping...)

    Now, for the DCR?s and externals, feel free to use mine?

    External Texts: http://nipper.rooftophabbo.net/noiptexts.txt

    External Variables: http://nipper.rooftophabbo.net/noipvars.txt

    Habbo DCR: http://nipper.rooftophabbo.net/v24/habbo.dcr

    Reload URL: http://www.yourno-ipaddress.no.ip.org/client.php (Make sure you use http:// before your no-ip address in this one!)
    Server is on Localhost; Change this to YES
    Click ?Save Configuration? and your done!!
    The Holograph server should have booted by now, so enter the hotel and enjoy!

    Any problems, PM me, or reply to this thread!
    Cheers and good luck!
    Andrew aka Handyandy164/HandyAndy160

    Credits to Roy (Meth0d) & Sisija for HoloCMS, Nillus and the Holograph Emulator team for Holograph Emulator, and me for the tutorial and pics! DON?T STEAL MY PICS OR MY TUT! Have a nice day! ;]


    The "HC BUG" AKA "Flagged Connection as Free BUG"
    Search in your csproj for this:

    case "@Z": // Login - initialize Club subscription statusdeleted the entire @Z packet code and replace it with this

    case "@Z": // Login - initialize Club subscription status

    break;Enjoy!, ~ MAXX
    This tutorial was not by ME but by HandyAndt160 on RageZone, this is just a release for the HoloForum!!! affraid

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